Knowledgeglue business update

So, many people have been asking “What has KnowledgeGlue been doing, since the content isn’t being updated regularly.” Well, not too long ago I bought a Laundromat in Chillicothe which I’ve been running. I’m pretty excited overall with the prospect of owning my very own laundromat, especially since it’s so close to me just a […]


Fake or not? There have been 34 confirmed hand-grande attacks in Sweden since 2016.

Does throwing a hand grande into someone’s house, place of business, or vehicle count as terrorism? You be the judge. And here’s the list of incidents and dates with a small blurb from local news.     7 January, Landskrona, several cars were damaged and windows shattered after a hand grenade exploded in Tränggatan. 12 […]

Ploughman's "Sandwich" which requires you to build it yourself, complete with rock-hard butter. Comes with two pretentious piles of salt and pepper served on a piece of wood.

The next, stupid trend for millennials – “De-Plating” (Page #1)

At least millenials haven’t ruined food just yet, but they’re certainly trying their absolute hardest to destroy what it means to serve people food. From the stupidity of serving french fries in a shoe to pasta in a 30 year old Tonka dump truck, a new level of absurdity has been reached in 2016. The […]


Black powder-era, 19th century cannon is now being used in Syria

This was a strange occurrence. Now in Syria, as the flow modern weapons slowly goes down due to embargoes, the people fighting – Syrian government, ISIS, FSA and the Kurds are slowly resorting to home made weapons. The first weapon was the ‘barrel bomb’, a 55 gallon drum filled with more than 500 pounds of […]


Man with shotgun defends home against home invasion – 4 dead (NSFW)

This week, a man was attacked at his property in the town of Terra Roxa by four armed bandits attempting to rob him and his property. Unbeknownst to the attackers, the owner of the property was armed – With a 12 gauge shotgun A short, but extremely violent shootout took place, seeing the owner of […]

Anti-Trump Protest Attacker Identified As Hillary Supporter

Today there was a incident that took place at the Ohio State University campus. Many people are calling it a blatant attack on free speech by pro-Trump individuals. However, like normal the devil is in the details, and a individual has come forward identifying the man that attacked a protestor at OSU. In this case, […]

Two M4A2 Sherman tanks rolling through the streets of Vienna. Note the STUG in the background.

Was the M4 Sherman really that bad? A Soviet perspective

With regards to WW2, many so-called experts have determined that the American M4 Sherman tank was one of the worst weapons fielded by the Allies. In his book “Death Traps” Belton Cooper believes that the M4 got many American servicemen un-needlessly killed due to intentionally poor construction. Since the writing of this book, some historians […]


3 Children killed while playing Pokemon GO

A very recent tragedy has befallen the small community of Portsmouth Ohio where a group of young kids were tragically killed by drowning in the Ohio River. According to a group of other teenagers who tried to rescue, the group of kids drowning said that shortly before the incident, the kids were said to be […]

AR15s are now by far the most popular gun being sold on the civilian market in the United States. By some estimates, nearly a quarter of all firearms sold in 2014 and 2015 were so-called "Assault Rifles" like the AR15, of which the vast majority were AR15s or variants thereof.

Everything you know about AR15s might be a lie

This is a followup to our article reporting concerning 20+ years of FBI data, ‘assault rifle’ fatalities continue to decline. The purpose of this article, and our previous one are to highlight just the facts – That despite becoming the overwhelmingly most popular firearm in the United States, AR15s are by and large only used by […]


Phenomenon causes airplanes to spontaneously take off

Full Video : It’s called a ‘microburst’ event. According to wikipedia A microburst is a small downdraft that moves in a way opposite of a tornado. Microbursts are found in strong thunderstorms . Within a thunderstorm there are two types of microbursts: wet microbursts and dry microbursts. They go through three stages in their life […]


What’s more dangerous : Islam or guns

Let’s use some factual evidence to look at whether or not it makes sense to ban Islam in the United States, or to ban so-called assault weapons. So, looking at the above infographic, the information provided is the following 50,000,000 estimated semi-automatic rifles in private possession with a result of 358 people killed on average […]

thought alarm

Support Trump? You could risk losing everything

This isn’t one of those “Oh well, if HE gets elected the country is going to fall apart”. No, it’s much more ominous than that. This is the forcable silencing of people who support Donald Trump for president, and an attempt to force opinion change not through physical violence, but threats of job loss and […]

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Walking dead in the flesh : Venezuela becomes apocalyptic hellhole (NSFW)

“Socialism is great, it works so well in Europe” is the banner of many people during the current US political cycle. Then, there’s the other side of the coin : Venezuela, which is quickly becoming a real life version of shows like The Walking Dead, The Road and The Terminator. One of the worst things […]

Just like a scene from Star Trek, American citizens made 5+ million children disappear seemingly overnight

The day 5 million Children disappeared

Call it what you want, but April 15th 1987 is a day that should be in the back of everyone’s minds as a watershed event in American history. Why? Because, on the night of April 15th 1987, a total of 7 million children disappeared from the United States. Thankfully, some of these children (Approximately 2 […]


New, mind-blowing panorama of Mars will take your breath away

Be sure to click photo to show it in full resolution. This fantastic photo was stitched together from dozens of high-resolution photos taken by the Mars Curiosity rover. The foreground and middle distance show a geologic scene dominated by eroded remnants of a finely layered ancient sandstone deposit. Since landing, the rover traversed through terrains […]

People react to them being stopped and called racial slurs while being held at gunpoint.

10 Days before Pike County massacre, family patrolled property with firearms

Due to the prevalence of social media, the killings in Pike County Ohio have taken many twists and turns. Much of this has been driven by the internet. Through this, many unique, interesting reports and perspectives have been offered on the slayings. In the beginning, it appeared that a honest, down-to-earth family that wouldn’t hurt […]

"This is what we came home too Thursday. 5 people were going through our house and loading everything valuable they could find. They cut the cords on all the appliances for the copper under the plastic. Yes they were still there when the sheriff was called and I'm now in the mist of filing criminal trespassing, breaking an entering, vandalism. They broke the bed frames and lamps. Everything was tossed in the floor looking for hidden valuables. This was a "preservation company" called Laudan properties who gave the work orders for a property "clean out" THEY WERE OBVIOUSLY MISINFORMED. But they refused to unload our things until the sheriff came and made them. . Completely crazy. It's gonna be a long road but we are definitely pressing charges and suing."

Family comes home to find home full of men tearing property apart

It’s one of those things out of a horror novel. A family comes home to find it full of individuals completely ransacking the property. However in this case, it was something a bit different. It was a “Property preservation” company, tasked with removing trash from her supposedly foreclosed home. Instead what is going to happen […]


Mass shooting in Athens Ohio prevented by law abiding gun store owner

 Here’s another one of those events that likely will never even make a footnote of local news, let alone national news. Maybe the NRA or a similar group will run a blurb on it, however what SHOULD happen is every law abiding gun owner should be shouting this from the rooftops. The summary is this […]


The ultimate cake for a man

It’s rather hard to beat a cake designed to look like the gun that liberated most of Europe and the Pacific, just saying. This totally awesome cake was made by Kentucky Wildflour Cakes in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. The only thing that’d be better would be a tripod mounted 1919 and maybe a 1911 beside it.

Popular photo shown in Czech media of anti-immigrant riots

Police in Czech republic caught RED HANDED faking anti-immigrant beating

Recently, the Czech Media as well as various police departments have been reporting an increase in anti-immigrant violence by ‘right wing radicals’. The problem is……well………those riots are being put on by the media with the help of the police. Enter a very popular picture run on Czech TV, leftist blogs and even police websites showing […]

Sperm traveling in the fallopian tube

The miracle of birth – A 12 year project photographing inside the womb (Read to the end)

Lennart Nilsson – A Swedish photographer spent 12 years of his taking pictures of the foetus growing in the womb. These incredible photographs were taken with conventional cameras with macro lenses, an endoscope and scanning electron microscope. Nilsson used a magnification of hundreds of thousands and “worked” right in the womb. Now, the shocker. Every […]

Delete the internet – How the left is waging a war against free speech

Not long ago, many American commedians, and even those from around the world made regular jokes about communism in the Soviet Union. Jokes like “In Soviet Russia, you don’t watch TV, TV watches YOU!” and “In America, there’s plenty of light beer and you can always find a party. In Russia, Party always finds you. […]


Don’t support the local, corrupt government? Get hacked to death (Extremely NSFW)

Once again, another extraordinarily disturbing video has surfaced out of South Africa. Previously, we reported a video showing several teenagers being burnt alive via “necklacing” in South Africa. We have discovered another horiffic video showing the extreme violence taking place in what once was Africa’s crown jewel. As last time, the facts are similarly disturbing. […]

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100+ Amazing and Graphic Images From the Eastern Front (WW2)

The Eastern Front of WW2 remains one of the largest bloodbaths in the entire history of humanity. More than 30 million individuals are estimated to have lost their lives in the period between June 1941 and April 1945. Of these, around 10 million were combat related deaths, the rest being civilians. Additionally, another 50 to […]


Finally fed up with police inaction, Inglewood residents raid homeless camp

It seems like something out of a movie, which is a rather sad representation of the political correctness of society. Tuesday, a resident of Inglewood, Cheryl Meyers was walking her dog in a local park. During that walk she encountered what many area residents had been talking about – A massive homeless camp set up […]


Citizen carrying handgun prevents a violent mob stoning

Many people in the government and political left would lead you to believe that guns don’t prevent crime. They also would lead you to believe that the United States is one of only a few countries in the world where firearms are carried by civilians, and that ‘Developed Nations’ have no need for firearms. This […]


A tale of two power plants

Here is a tale of two power generation plants here in the United States. One mostly subsidized by the government, the other funded entirely by private investors. One is extraordinarily successful , one is not. Both produce relatively clean energy. First, the government’s power plant, the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility. One of the largest solar […]


What are the top firearm calibers and manufacturers by state?

In this dataset, we utilize the same data from the previous search and sort by state and also include manufacturer data. As a note ,we felt that the data for North & South Dakota was insufficient.   The individual state data closely mimics the previous page’s data. One omission to include here that is uncorrected […]

Pretty rare three color camo lafette in original paint. This early mount has no case deflector. Dated 1938, it had to survive the war and 70 years since without someone repainting it.

What are the most popular calibers in the US?

After exhaustive research and compiling sales data from tens of thousands of firearm sales over the  course of a month, we have compiled what we feel is a relatively accurate list of the most popular firearm calibers. Our methodology is that by tracking firearm sales & calibers, we can compile a top list of what parts […]


Homeless man fights kidnapper for woman’s life, dies in the process

  This TV station was in Cathedral Square recording a program frame when the shooting started in front of the Cathedral. Little additional information is known about the kidnapper or the victim(s). What is apparent is that the police opened fire once the female victim had cleared distance from the man. Both the kidnapper and […]


How reliable is the AR15 platform REALLY?

In this article, we have located a rather amazing field report from none other than Henderson Defense. They operate a place called battlefield Las Vegas. At their range, they rent everything from a basic Ruger 10/22 all the way up to a M1 Abrams battle tank. They rent everything in between those two extremes. Due […]