100+ Amazing and Graphic Images From the Eastern Front (WW2)

The Eastern Front of WW2 remains one of the largest bloodbaths in the entire history of humanity. More than 30 million individuals are estimated to have lost their lives in the period between June 1941 and April 1945. Of these, around 10 million were combat related deaths, the rest being civilians.

Additionally, another 50 to 100 million are estimated to have been wounded during the severe fighting on this somewhat forgotten front.

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I-16 airplanes lie destroyed as the result of German Blitzkreig

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Destroyed Russian tank with crew caught trying to escape. Notice penetrating hits on hull & turret.

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Pz3 races to action

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Goebbels announced to the German populace that war has been declared on the Soviet Union.

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German troops, likely of the Sixth Army surrender en-masse to Soviet troops during the defense and subsequent encirclement of Stalingrad.

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German anti-tank cannon engages Soviet T34 tank at extreme long range.

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Dead bodies freeze in place during the Siege of Leningrad

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A child falls victim to the Siege of Leningrad

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A young Russian poses for a photo before heading out to the frontier.

A young Russian poses for a photo before heading out to the frontier.

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