44 AMAZING facts about WW2 you didn’t know

heMV0x3WW2 is often seen as one of the most world-changing, brutal wars in all of history. The lives of nearly every person around the world was changed in some substantive way during the 6 year period that the war was fought.
    Over the next 4 pages, we’ll list what historians we asked were the most amazing facts regarding ww2.

As time has gone on, many stunning facts are being uncovered and brought to like about the war. While some pieces of information were lost on accident, many were intentional. Coverups regarding the war are actually quite common and taken by nearly every side during the war (Yes, Virginia, the American government did plenty of lying).

So, after asking a group of historians what their favorite, unknown fact was about WW2, we put together a pretty awesome list. Warning though, some of the pictures are pretty graphic.

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