Another dramatic police chase in South Africa

Pretoria, SA – Video footage taken from a first person perspective during a high-speed police motorbike chase in Pretoria North has been uploaded onto Facebook.

Throughout the 3 minute video the viewer is given the experience of a policeman on a motorbike as sirens are heard and radio communication between ground teams signal.

At the end of the video the police surround the car they’re chasing by placing one cop car in front, one at the back, and one on either side, before the car in front slows down causing the culprits to slow down too and their cars tyres are blown out.

Intelligence Bureau SA uploaded this video footage to their Facebook page where the page’s community members have shown large support towards South Africa’s law enforcement.

Intelligence Buruea SA wrote, “Just another day for our Law enforcement members! For Joe soap this is nothing other than hectic!”

After watching the video Zoorah Buckas commented, “This makes me soooo sooo proud of our men in blue… and somewhat emotional too… you guys risk ur [sic] lives every day to keep us safe and still ur [sic] efforts go unnoticed by many…”

Faeez Fuz Mamdoo commented, “I take my hat off to those guys …putting their lives in danger to protect us…..I just wish the law and courts would appreciate them more by not letting those criminals back on the streets so easily …”

There was no additional information posted with the video but it is believed to have taken place in Zambezi Country Estate, north east of Pretoria.