Black powder-era, 19th century cannon is now being used in Syria

This was a strange occurrence.

Now in Syria, as the flow modern weapons slowly goes down due to embargoes, the people fighting – Syrian government, ISIS, FSA and the Kurds are slowly resorting to home made weapons.

The first weapon was the ‘barrel bomb’, a 55 gallon drum filled with more than 500 pounds of cheap, low grade explosives like ANFO.

Now, at this point in the war a new weapon has been introduced – A hydraulic mounted 19th century black powder cannon. This video is interesting because there’s simply no videos or information about the power of 19th century cannons, till now. In this case, a nearly 150 year old cannon is being used with ferocious effect in the Syrian Civil War.

Here’s the video of it being used to kill soldiers in a fortified position.

As if this wasn’t enough, we’ve also found several videos of other home-made weapons being used in the Syrian conflict. Something to note is that while the war rages, engineers continue to develop new weapons made from common components, many of which are quite effective and deadly.

Here is the truck mounted, hydraulically controlled “Omar Gun” developed by a engineer named Omar with the Alrahman Corps.

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