Citizen carrying handgun prevents a violent mob stoning

Many people in the government and political left would lead you to believe that guns don’t prevent crime.

They also would lead you to believe that the United States is one of only a few countries in the world where firearms are carried by civilians, and that ‘Developed Nations’ have no need for firearms.

This video will break these two arguments.

Below is a French Citizen who is carrying a handgun preventing the stoning of other French citizens. A individual is seen carrying a baseball bat attempting to attack him, however once it is made clear that the French man is willing to kill him, both the baseball-wielding man, along with the mob he is leading dissipate.


North Korea Deploys Amphibious Landing Craft as Tensions Mount in Peninsula

Mirror from Yonhap News Agency, Korea:


SEOUL, Aug. 24 (Yonhap) — North Korea has deployed amphibious landing crafts carrying special forces to the frontline as the country keeps up its tight combat readiness despite on-going inter-Korean talks to defuse military tension, military sources said Monday.

About 10 North Korean air-cushioned landing crafts have left their home base in Cholsan, North Pyongan Province, and come forward to a naval base, located about 60 kilometers north of the Northern Limit Line, the de facto inter-Korean border in the Yellow Sea, the sources said.

“Since North Korea declared a semi-war state, its invasion vehicles and forces have been actively moving,” one of the sources said.

Stock footage courtesy of North Korea. It has been rumored that this photo has been doctored by the DPRK. The country currently operates 130 hover and landing craft.

Stock footage courtesy of North Korea. It has been rumored that this photo has been doctored by the DPRK. The country currently operates 130 hover and landing craft.

Mass shooting stopped by concealed carry permit holder

Here’s a story that won’t be run 24/7 by the news media for the next week.

Just July 27th in Cincinnati, a crazed gunman fired at several people in a urban area including a 1 year old infant. Instead of being met with fleeing individuals, he was met with the bullets from a CCW permit holder who intervened in the situation.

During the shootout, the shooter (Thomas McCary) ran out of ammunition and fled to his residence in the area. He retrieved several more guns and began firing wildly at more people. To this second round of firing, the CCW permit holder (Patrick Ewing) fired at the shooter again, likely preventing more bloodshed in the process. Eventually Thomas McCary, the shooter having been wounded, gave up and fled to the local hospital where he was arrested by police. He now is charged with 4 felonious counts.


The shooter

The shooter

This represents a great case against anti-gun sentiment, along with the liberal slogan that ‘Guns never save lives’, because in this case a good guy with a gun stopped a mass shooting.

Link to local news source


Intense CCW shootout inside a garage

This makes a great case for no magazine ammunition limits since the victim goes through an entire magazine in a few short seconds saving his life as well as his wife’s.

A surveillance video clip shows a man driving into his garage when three armed men come in as the garage door is attempting to close.

The man, an off-duty police officer, was with his wife in the car.

Things turn violent quickly, as one of the armed robbers starts to open the man’s car door while he has a gun in his hand. Within a second, both men fire a shot. The victim seems to get his shot off just a split second before the armed robber.

The ‘victim’ fires several more rounds at the man, which hit his intended target. The other two men were further away and were not hit, but one was picked up by police later on. The armed robber who was shot died from his injuries.

The one thing that I don’t like about this video is when the man runs out of the garage towards the direction of the fleeing robbers instead of taking cover behind his vehicle. Even more so because the one robber had already fired a shot. Once he’s back out of the garage, he makes himself vulnerable again.

Take cover, close the garage door, call police. Wait. He is the police! Talk about a bad break for the bad guys.

Aside from that, this man did all that he could to defend himself and the other person that was with him. Even before the bad guy tried to open his car door, our ‘victim’ was ready with firearm in hand.


Here’s the original article translation from :

A 32-year-old man was killed after trying to rob the house of a civilian police in the Garden Patricia neighborhood in the west of Uberlândia. According to the case record, Eliseu Santos Paulo and two other men approached the victim as she entered the home garage, accompanied by the wife. Seeing that one of the bandits was armed, the officer took aim and shot the man who was trying to steal it.There was exchange of fire, and the bandits fled towards Pampulha neighborhood, on the east side of the city.

A neighbor called the Military Police (PM), which located the bad guys in the Integrated Service Unit (IAU) of Pampulha. Eliseu Santos Paul died to reach the health unit and the other two fled. One of them, 18, was found and arrested at the scene. The weapons used were seized and forwarded to the duty station.


Is South Africa the future of the USA?

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Recently, I’ve become quite interested in the goings-on in South Africa. What’s so interesting in my eyes is the comparison between it and the potential decline that the US could experience in the future.

South Africa is wrought with violence, accusations of racism, and very poor long-term race relations. Just 20 years after the end of apartheid, many consider the country slowly descending to the abyss of destruction. It may be wise to consider what is taking place in South Africa, contrast it with the United States, and attempt to learn from their case.

Blackouts have been daily since November

It’s called “Load Shedding” – Imagine every day at some extraordinarily inconvenient time your power is shut off by your utility. It could be during meal time, or the heat of the day, but you’re guaranteed to have 2, maybe 3 hours of power loss each day. Don’t even think about buying a generator, there are none left.

Once Africa's finest power grid, South Africa is now seeing 2-3 hour daily blackouts.

Once Africa’s finest power grid, South Africa is now seeing 2-3 hour daily blackouts.

The South African power grid at one time was the most well developed grid in all of Africa. In the early 90s after apartheid was abandoned, the South African government felt it was important to allow ‘new players’ into the market (Mostly minority-owned companies). From 1994 through 2000, there was a virtual freeze on new power plants. At this time the government came to the realization that as the demand for power was growing, no new private companies were able to bring online any new power plants. After this, Eskom was tasked to build new plants, but there were many hurdles. The government frowned upon coal for new capacity, they wanted renewables, some wanted nuclear, but that wasn’t too popular either. So, after lots of debate, time was wasted and no insufficient generation capability was brought online. They may have new generation online soon, but nothing is certain. Union strikes are constant in South Africa, many resorting to slaughtering business owners and managers in the mines to get additional pay.

However, insufficient generation capacity isn’t the only thing weighing down the grid. Power theft is also a very real player on the weakened grid state. In many poor districts of South Africa, people have resorted to high-risk tie-ins to suck power away from paying customers. Recently, Eskom has resorted to hiring individuals to survey line tie-ins that steal power. However the crews have been shot at, threatened and in some reports beaten by local villagers because they do not want to give up their stolen power.

To counter that, Eskom came up with another idea – To install pre-pay power meters on houses. These would work like pre-paid cell phones. You can upload money to your meter and buy it that way. This would theoretically insure that those who are supporting the infrastructure would get what they are paying for. However the local outrage from individuals has been so severe that many buildings were burnt down in protest over the meters.

Aftermath of Soweto anti-meter riot results in damaged businesses and injuries

Home invasions, robberies & carjackings are common

In the US, home invasions happen nearly every day, and certainly once a week. However in the case of America, our country is home to nearly 320 million people. South Africa on the other hand is much smaller, and reports of just home invasions is essentially a daily thing. Home invasions though just aren’t simple robberies, in many cases they involve rape, torture and blackmailing of families. In some cases, entire subdivisions are invaded by roving gangs.

Gated & walled community with 24/7 armed security.

Gated & walled community with 24/7 armed security.

This has led to something we simply don’t see in the United States – Walled subdivisions.

Essentially these are walled, fortified and gated subdivisions. The goal is to prevent any type of robbers or gangs from penetrating into the subdivision an causing problems. For the most part this has worked well, except that in some cases criminals have got more violent in order to rob communities.

Robbers scale the walls of a fortified subdivsion at night in order to rob a family. Two men are stabbed nearly to death during the event. Homeowners do have guns at home, but are not ready to defend themselves.

Carjacking – locally called hijacking in South Africa is a massive problem. Many times hijacking is used in order to gain access to a person’s home by holding the driver or family hostage. This way the robbers can make it through security and into a person’s home to steal and make the getaway in their car.

This leads to amazing robberies, police pursuits and the like as violence is a very daily thing in many parts of the country.

There are many cases of street executions

Next on the list is the “Xenophobic wave” going through South Africa. Many young, black, unemployed individuals have been rioting as well as executing foreign nationals over the past several months. This is due to the belief that migrant workers, mostly from other countries in Africa, are stealing jobs from the black South Africans. Whether this is true or not is hard to determine, one thing is for certain – foreigners in SA are scared.

We recently posted a video of several Zimbabwean youth being burnt alive via mob justice. Regarding this specific event the facts aren’t overly clear. Some locals say they were killed simply because they were foreigners caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, others say they had robbed and stabbed a man. The police have very little evidence pointing to the truth, however for certain 3 people died the day.

As the xenophobia sweeps South Africa, it is causing problems for those who have left the country and found work elsewhere. They are now being targeted for retaliation due to the violence in South Africa proper.

Here’s just one or two days worth of photos during the height of the xenophobic violence.

While many would cite the failures of South Africa as a nation on racism, I truly believe the problems are somewhat deeper, and have less to do with the repression of various race groups and more about government.

From the start, apartheid has gone hand-in-hand with government control. Up until the disestablishment of apartheid, the government allowed mostly free trade and practice for whites in SA while supporting black oppression. However after the NP was disposed and the ANC was elected the country has gone even more towards a pro-government structure. Instead of promoting free trade, free practice and business freedoms, the ANC has adopted many Keynesian economic models and left ideologies with regards to the economy and capitalism in general.

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A day in the life of a fast food worker

By Sean Bracken


If there is an industry America runs on, one could argue that fast food is that industry.New_McDonald's_restaurant_in_Mount_Pleasant,_Iowa

Fast food makes millions, if not billions of dollars, and is creating jobs at a faster pace than many of the other industries. It attracts millions of Americans a year to the taste of a cheeseburger, fries, a soft drink or whatever customers are in the mood for that day.

Not to mention, the industry also contains the main benefit that distinct itself from many other restaurants in food service: speed. Let’s face it. Americans are in a hurry, regardless if they need to hurry back to work, are traveling or just want their food instantaneously. Fast food is there to give those people that service.

Most people don’t realize how essential fast food is, however, and they also don’t realize how hard fast food workers work.

Several comments on social media state that fast food is all about “flipping burgers.” A lot of people, who I’m willing to bet never worked in fast food before, make it seem like working at McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Burger King is effortless and easy.

But take it from me: it’s not always effortless and easy. I will have worked two years in the industry coming up next month, and I have seen and done it all.

As a worker, I’ve had to work twice as hard on days my co-workers called off or just stopped showing altogether. I have seen many come and go, while others just can’t deal with the fast-paced multitasking environment the fast food industry requires.

In fast food, you are often on your feet for hours a day, have to move very fast to meet the store’s expectations and goals, and must show accuracy in ensuring customer satisfaction. Often times we are asked to do multiple things at once, which gets challenging when faced with a large rush.

Physically, the job is much more demanding than people realize because of how fast the industry moves. As I mentioned, we have to move really fast to meet the store’s needs. I’ve had to carry heavy objects around all day like boxes of French Fries, chicken nuggets and meat for the grill that weighed a lot.

Often times, I’m also around unsafe objects like the hot fryer oil, the surface of the grill, the oven for the store’s baked goods or at places like Arby’s, the slicer for your meats. Safety tools are provided, but I’d still often burn my arms, hands or fingers on the grill surface, and I have to be really delicate when trying to clean the oven.

Then there are the customers. We are trained to smile, be friendly, fast and accurate even if the customers aren’t friendly back.

Sometimes, they aren’t friendly. Some will be mean, while others will yell at you if you mess up an order. But we are told to remain friendly regardless of how much customers talk down to them.

Fast food also isn’t the cleanest atmosphere to work in either. Working in production for two years, I’ve often worked around the grease from the fryer, the nasty conditions of the grill and the sauces and condiments put on different sandwiches.

No matter what, all cleaning tasks must be kept up with so that you offer a clean store to your customers. Plus it makes it easier on us to clean often so it isn’t impossible to clean the store once the grease starts really collecting on the walls, grills, fryers, floors and just about everywhere.

However, cleaning often times got disgusting and nasty because of the grease that the store collects. Even if you clean the store every day, which sometimes didn’t get done, it still would be hard to maintain the store’s cleanliness.

I am in no way advocating one way or another to give fast food workers a raise or not. I am also not advocating policy on the minimum wage or allowing these workers to unionize. That’s a debate I’m going to leave to the fast food workplace and the politicians that pass the laws.

What I am advocating, however, is for more of you to understand and appreciate the daily tasks us fast food workers perform. It’s not just “flipping burgers,” but it is a lot more that need to be appreciated more in society.

Without us, there would be no fast food industry. Period. There will also always be a need for us regardless because of the high demand people have for the industry.

Therefore, the next time you stop into McDonald’s to order a cheeseburger, a McChicken sandwich or whatever the case may be, just take some time to remember what is done and how much we sweat to ensure your satisfaction.

Use manners, compliment them and thank them for their service.  Little things like that can go a long way for us in making our service to you better.

Mexican drug cartels are making their own guns

Ever hear the saying “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”?

I know I have, the bumper stickers were everywhere in the early 90s. Granted the saying still comes up once in a while, but here’s a great story to remind us of that term.

Recently, a clandestine firearm manufacturing factory has been discovered and dismantled in Michoacán, Mexico. The shop was run by the Cartel Jalisco New Generation which is a major drug cartel.

Unlike the government utopia people like to believe, these guns were NOT crude knockoffs. Rather they were sophisticated fully automatic rifle using military spec components and tolerances. Who would have EVER believed that a drug cartel with millions of dollars could employ engineers to run computer controlled equipment to manufacture firearms that are around 40 years old?


gun mfg narco

This is absolute further proof that the liberal utopian mindset that government intervention can make easily constructed firearms illegal. This is doubly impossible in an age where technology makes home manufacturing devices like CnC machines, 3d printers and plastic injection affordable for everyone. Of course, in their mindset it might make sense to make these manufacturing devices illegal which will obviously stifle innovation. Although, who really cares when the government is involved, right?

PETA’s greatest hits


I don’t know about you, but PETA has no love lost with me.

However when I stumbled upon a article today on a mostly left-leaning website I couldn’t believe the absolute horror stories that users were submitting about the terrible acts commited by PETA members.

So, if you ever want to send someone some moon-battedness information, send them here.

Lost Kitty

This actually happened to my cat last year. The nutty PETA woman in the neighborhood would complain whenever we were sitting outside that our cat is too old (14) and that she demanded he be either put down or inside during the day. We live in southern California, and the weather was beautiful at the time. Our cat loved being under an umbrella and hanging out outside with a blanket for him to lie down. Every night we always brought him in. One day we come outside, and appeared a giant cat castle with a note threatening to keep him inside or else. We knew where she lived, and returned the cat castle. A week later, the cat disappeared, and rumor has it that she picked up a few cats in the neighborhood and had them all euthanised. I’ll be in disgust and in mourning for the rest of my life. – User thisisdjjjjjjjjjj

The Service Dog

Some lady FLIPPED OUT at me at the grocery store recently using that same term “servitude”. I have multiple disabilities as well as seizures after a brain injury and have to use a service dog to help me get around.
Like this lady was relentless, calling my dog a slave and I told her that he loves to work, he hates to be left home. I even offered to show her that his special mobility/guide harness wasn’t as heavy as it looked. She wouldn’t leave us alone!! She actually tried to grab the handle from me despite the “do not separate dog from handlers” in huge, red letters as a patch on the handle. Well my dog is not friendly to strangers, and is very, very serious in his attitude. He also very protective of me after I was threatened and attempted robbed by a guy brandishing a golf club in a park. She grabbed for the handle and he let out a growl I could feel through his body into my leg. She stepped back but kept yelling, as soon as she raised her hands(like in a exasperated/plantive way) saying I would never understand how cruel his servitude was my guy made an alert bark, and kept it up. Raised arms at me is one of his triggers to get help with the special alert bark(it sounds different than his sh*tting around just being a dog bark). I used to work at the store in accounting and they know me and my dog from the time he was a puppy in training with me. Some of my old friends who still worked there came rushing forward and the lady was told to leave the store.
I would be helpless without my dog and he comes from working lines. He likes working or he just plain wouldn’t. He was the only 2 out of 9 in his litter to make the cut because they wanted to work. He was people focused and could detect seizures so he became service dog. (his sister a became Border police sniffing dog.) There’s been days he’s in a bad mood or not feeling well and doesn’t want to work, and, well, he just doesn’t do his job very well. I can tell. He’ll let me walk into puddles or lamp posts, wont pick up things I drop or help with my coat, and is just over all pissy. But that’s like 1% of the time.
I was really upset, REALLY upset. I would be helpless without my service dog. I take being a service dog handler and the responsibilities of having my dog in public very seriously. Making me feel like I was abusing him some how really felt like sh*t. [I know it’s no where near as awful as a pet being murdered(I’m not trying to say it is, and my heart just goes out to anyone who lost their pet this way!!)]; but anyone who thinks they are ‘helping’ with this ‘servitude’ attitude are wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Dedicating their life to raising funds for spay and neuter of low income pets, or to make spay and neuter outside of registered kennels/catteries mandatory would be a much better use of their time. Pets who are cared for and loved are just such an enrichment to life, that’s a wonderful, special thing humans can experience to love an animal. The real tragedy is the unwanted and abused pets who are abandoned and destroyed each year. User IlexFurry


This sort of thing boils my blood. PETA were our biggest enemy in New Orleans after Katrina hit. I spent months in that city watching it go from absolute chaos to a ghost town and finally to life restored. It was an incredible and dynamic thing to watch, but beyond the looters, curfew breakers, and rogue Police returning in stolen Cadillacs to try to steal equipment to sell online, the group that drove me to a rage much more readily were the PETA activists. The military had a uniform marking system for clearing homes after the storm. It was a huge Spray-painted ‘X’ with a circle around it. You’d spray information in the four triangle shaped quadrant spaces of the X. Date/Time group in the North of the X, Unit designation to the East, Human dead in the South, Animal dead in the West. Simple. Just numbers. Somehow the PETA people broke our code, and they started following us, about a mile or two back, and when they’d see a house with an Animal dead count, they’d either enter to check it out, or just assume I suppose, and would proceed to completely vandalize the home with their own markings. Half the time they’d be spray painting OVER TOP of our markers, which ensuing units, haz-mat crews, and recovery teams NEEDED for information. They’d leave these messages in stark red paint all over whole sides of the house, ‘YOU MURDERED YOUR DOG!’ or ‘ANIMAL KILLER!’ Meanwhile, many animals themselves were roving the streets of the lower wards in make-shift packs, feeding on whatever they could find; sometimes drowned bodies. We’d make trips NorthEast about 45 minutes away to an open grocery store and buy tons of bags of animal food, and just split it open on dry street corners as we passed in our HMMWVs. The PETA people didn’t even do that! They just walked around vandalizing people’s already destroyed homes. THEN, when we’d CATCH THEM, they’d have the tenacity to demand food and water from us, claiming they were part of the ‘clean-up’ effort. I was usually hanging out the rear passenger side of the truck. We’d take the doors off. We’d intentionally clear about 8 blocks, wait, turn around and double-back to catch them. I’d confiscate their paint and took great delight in ‘handing them’ some water, at a high rate of speed, right at their faces. As if these families haven’t lost enough… and here you are with this world view that you’re hell bent on viciously forcing down other people’s throats. Imagine having to make that choice for a family? The Coast Guard weren’t taking animals in their baskets. Room for people only. Imagine leaving your pet on that rooftop. Many people didn’t you know. The Coast Guard actually CHANGED their rule book to allow space for domestic animals in recovery efforts, because so many people chose to remain and die with their pets. Then these people, these small petty people come down there and disrupt our operation to recover that city from complete destruction, AND sap our resources of food and water while on their wild crusade… I like to think I’m as accepting and empathetic as I can possibly be, but I have no love for those type of people. Terrible story. – User makinmywaydowntown

Frat Dog

A few of them came by and tried to steal our fraternity dog.
That dog is treated like f*cking royalty. Anyways a few roided up brothers of ours caught then and sent them all to the ER. We almost had to deal with a lawsuit from the parents but luckily we have castle defense laws in our state.
So we found out when those f*ckers met. They go to this coffee shop right next to campus we come in looking like we belong in a country club. We see them by the ones that our bbrothers beat senseless. we walk over to the group surrounded them and just stared at em.
F*ck them all, we jumped a few more just so they’d get the message. -User cipahs

I’ll take care of your cat

Something like this happened to me once as a kid. Had a cat that got it’s head stuck in our fence. I spent forever trying to get it out, and ended up having to borrow my stepdads power tools and removing that section of the fence to free it.
Got it out and I was so happy. Gave it a bath, held it, fed it, named it Simba, etc. I was about 8 at the time and the cat was still a kitten itself, but I liked being around it and it seemed to like being around me for the three days I had it.
Now when I was getting the cat out the fence originally, some guy tried helping me out for a bit. One of our neighbors who did stuff with the local shelter(peta run or peta sponsored or something along those lines. No longer operational).
Then he came back to check on the cat and said he could get it it’s shots and stuff for free at the place he volunteered at.
I go there one afternoon with my mom, hand him it, leave, and he has it euthanized.
Then we get back there and he’s like “Yeah sorry. Guess you’ll just have to adopt one of our other cats. Don’t worry it’s free and all their shots are up to date!”
He seemed almost happy about it.
We couldn’t do anything about it.
I haven’t had a cat since then, but I do have fun with the local strays. – User tlh053

40+ Felonies

About 10 years ago in my home town, two PETA lunatics got arrested and charged with 40+ felonies. I lived in a rural area in northeastern NC abd these two would come down from Virginia and drive around to animal shelters and vets offices to pick up cats and dogs, saying they were going to find homes for them. Then they would kill them in their van and dump them in the dumpster behind the grocery store. Over the course of about a month they dumped like 40 dogs and 20 cats.
here’s a local news story, sorry about the survey ad thing.
Another news story about how it ended up. They got off on all animal abuse charges abd were convicted of littering. 10 day suspended sentence, 12 months probation, and community service. – user -ChowanChillin-

Siberian_Husky_phoAngora Rabbits

A friend of mine told me once about a guy who lived next door to her uncle, he kept angora rabbits and used their fur to make yarn to sell to people in the community. You shear angora rabbits like you do sheep, you don’t skin them, but apparently some PETA freaks found out that he was making angora yarn from his rabbits and being ignorant f*cks, thought that he was skinning them and using their fur that way.
So they got onto his property and broke into his rabbit hutch and poisoned the rabbits, leaving a note that basically said that the rabbits were better off dead than being used so cruelly. This is PETA’s general stance towards livestock and even pets, they are actually against own pets. They think they should all be wild and free and happy, like nature is cute and cuddly or something.
The authorities did wind up catching the whackos and he took them to court but of course it was just charges of trespassing and property damage since animals are just considered property. Never mind that the guy was retired and a widower and treated those rabbits like they were his children. -User Eponia

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Yet another terror attack in France – 3 soldiers stabbed

_80762291_80762285Several men carrying knives have attacked three soldiers who were on patrol outside a Jewish community centre in Nice, in southern France.

The soldiers were wounded and police said one of the assailants were captured.

The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi told French TV today that a second man had been arrested in connection with the stabbing later on in the day.

The attacker was expelled from Turkey last week and questioned upon his return, French media reported. It is unknown why the expelled individual was initially expelled from Turkey, or why French authorities allowed him to enter the country while being on such high alert.

France has been on high alert since last month’s terror attacks in Paris by three Islamist gunmen, in which 17 people were killed.

After the attacks, 10,500 soldiers were deployed outside sensitive sites including Jewish and Muslim centres as well as media buildings.

The soldiers attacked in Nice were guarding a building in the city’s Massena square which houses the Jewish community centre and a Jewish radio station.

Photos provided by : BBC.Co.UK

7 Mind-blowing technologies the US government has made illegal

As a child, I was always told by my parents that somewhere, somehow there were evil companies that were secretly suppressing technology that would make life better. Hidden in a vault in some corporate HQ were pieces of paper containing things like the cure to cancer, cars that ran on water and Little Debbies that instantly made people skinny with just a few bites.

As a much more cynical teenager, I decided that it would be impossible in a free society for companies, no matter how large, to suppress powerful technology – especially when you have many companies in the same field dealing with the same technology. Heck, millions of dollars were spent by companies to keep pizzas hot while they delivered them to you.

Then, as an adult, I discovered the real truth – there are plenty of amazing things that are out there that can’t be brought to the market due to simple government over-regulation. Just like MTV killed rock ‘n roll, federal regulations are doing a good job of killing ingenuity.

Give up, just quit, because in this life, you can’t win. Yeah, you can try, but in the end you’re just gonna lose, big time, because the world is run by the Man. The Man, oh, you don’t know the Man. He’s everywhere. In the White House… down the hall… Ms. Mullins, she’s the Man. And the Man ruined the ozone, he’s burning down the Amazon, and he kidnapped Shamu and put her in a chlorine tank! And there used to be a way to stick it to the Man. It was called rock ‘n roll, but guess what, oh no, the Man ruined that, too, with a little thing called MTV! So don’t waste your time trying to make anything cool or pure or awesome ’cause the Man is just gonna call you a fat washed up loser and crush your soul.
Jack Black – School of Rock

So, here is our list of 7 amazing technologies that are illegal right here in the U.S.

#7 – Fuel-Efficient Cars

“Oh, come on now, we have fuel efficient cars! My Focus gets 38 miles per gallon!”

That will be the first angry email or comment I get from this entire article. I’ve been told this line by many people about their Focus, Prius or Insight.

FORD-FIESTA-ECONETIC-02 (Small)Yet somehow, for the most part the United States has seemingly gone backwards in terms of fuel economy for vehicles. Back in the 80s and early 90s, it was possible to find a vehicle that would produce nearly 50mpg in real-world performance. Vehicles like the Metro, Sprinter and CRX. Up until recently, VW still put out a few vehicles that would get over 50mpg, but since the EPA has changed laws against diesel, VW no longer has much interest in producing fuel-efficient diesels here in the US.

The proof of fuel efficient cars built in other countries isn’t too hard to find. VW Makes the Passat 1.6 TDI which blows any US made car out of the water with an average of 76 miles per gallon utilizing the UK’s version of fuel efficiency testing. If this vehicle would be brought to the US and driven, MPG ratings would likely be much higher. The method used in England uses primarily urban driving without any miles given to long distance highways, the kind that 60% of Americans utilize every day. Using some simple fuel saving methods and longer roadway usage, the TDI could get up to 80 or even 90 miles per imperial gallon when in use on this side of the pond.

It isn’t just European automakers. America’s own Ford produces the ECOnetic ,which is a variation of the Fiesta for the European market. It boasts a combined MPG rating of 74 to 76 miles per gallon. It, however can not be produced – or even imported to the United States due to strict “environmental laws” (For some reason, using one petroleum distillate like diesel is barbaric, while gasoline somehow is much better).

So, as it stands now, we’re stuck with underwhelming performers like the Prius and other hybrid abominations until someone does something to overturn EPA rules on diesel, or NHTSA rules regarding smaller, light weight cars. Maybe while we’re at it, we could finally let companies use advanced composites to build cars and replace mandated steel.

#6 – Outer Space

We LOVE space (hence the website name). However, as it stands right now, there are absolutely monumental restrictions for private individuals as well as companies to go to space.

Recently, many videos have been appearing on Youtube where people send different things “To Space” by way of hydrogen balloon lifting a cooler. Some examples are here, here and here. They are great examples of the ingenuity of Americans who want to send things to the upper atmosphere and claim some fame.maxresdefault

The sad thing is…Every one of these cases that we can find is illegal. In order to send a cooler to space, you need clearance from the FAA to go above a certain altitude. There are also MANY restrictions on things such as radio wave emission, altitude and many other things. In reality, the vast majority of these civilian balloon ‘space shots’ are illegal. Thankfully the FAA hasn’t fined anyone…Yet, but eventually it will happen, ending everyone’s fun. One great example of someone getting fined by the FAA for this very thing was the man who attached balloons to a chair and flew up to 15,000 feet – Larry Walters. Poor Larry was fined $4,000 for not having the proper permits. Far more than his 15 minutes of fame gained him.

It gets worse though. Not only are civilians not allowed to send things like an Iphone or beer to space, but private space companies are becoming the target of overwhelmingly tough legislation.

The worst example is SpaceX. The company that is in the forefront of commercial space development is coming under more scrutiny by the US government. In the forefront is the odd requirements to “Human Rate” equipment. Based on some recent statements by NASA, they want SpaceX capsules (like the Dragon)  to be 100 to 200 times more reliable than the absolute best space vehicles that NASA can produce. This is quite absurd, and if things don’t change will make it much harder for space to be commercialized. Can you imagine the federal government mandating that all new cars be 100 times safer? It’s practically impossible, and therefore essentially makes such a thing illegal.


#5 – Cheap, Reliable Meltdown Proof Nuclear Reactors

Imagine that some day, the world no longer has a need for additional electricity generation. No more brownouts or blackouts, electricity has become immensely cheap to produce. This energy is produced by something extremely clean and abundant, in fact the United States has the capacity to power the world for the next thousand years.

Now , imagine that this technology was almost perfected in the late 1960s and 1970s but put on the shelf due to government regulations.

Unlike a typical nuclear power plant that Utilizes enriched Uranium as its primary fuel source. LFTRs produce almost no hazardous waste and are meltdown proof. Not only do they not produce significant amounts of radioactive waste, they can actually burn the waste generated from current nuclear power plants as the source.  The little amount of waste that is produced has a phenomenally short half life – 30.7 years. This compared to the half life of U-238 which is 24,000 years is an amazing thing. As an added bonus, there is some economic value to the byproducts of LFTRs (Cesium 137 and Strontium 90) that virtually no waste would need to be buried or otherwise disposed of, it could be used for beneficial purposes.420px-PressurizedWaterReactor

Finally, the most important thing is that thorium is cheap and readily available in the United States. In fact, we’ve got enough to power the world for a very long time. Thorium is so cheap that you can find it at your local WalMart or Harbor Freight. They currently use it as wicking for camp stoves and for welding. The alpha particles it emits are almost harmless (That is unless you readily eat the stuff) so you don’t have to worry about some sort of cancer from exposure.

While LFTRs aren’t completely illegal to build (yet) the government has made them for all purposes impossible to build. Right now, anyone wanting to develop one is likely to spend $10 billion dollars in planning, permits and pre-construction costs before even being approved by the government. Let’s be serious, who would spend that kind of money for a ‘Maybe’ from the federal government?

One article reader provided some great thoughts on the PRISM reactor which is a bit different than the LFTR. Instead of being a thorium-based reactor, it is something called a Integral Fast Reactor. The Clinton administration canceled the IFR project that was underway and left it for “Private companies to accomplish”. Sadly, even though Hitachi has developed a IFR for use in the United States. The NRC is overly dragging their feat on it. Requiring massive, and almost unattainable expenses to build it.

It seems the UK will be deploying one in the near future, but there is no plan to deploy one at any time in the future. From current estimates, the UK reactor will be able to provide 600mw of continual output for OVER 500 years. Running on nothing but nuclear waste.

#4 – Long Range WiFi

Ever get tired of dropped wifi coverage? How about the fact that your wifi router can barely make it through a few walls before the signal is almost useless.

Interestingly enough, with a quick firmware upgrade of most wireless routers, this can be fixed. By increasing power by a reasonable amount, you can get quite a bit more range from your personal wifi router.

Unfortunately, this is quite illegal.

Sadly, WiFi routers in the USA are limited to a total of 1 watt of effective radiated power (ERP).

Sure, it’s important to be safe with microwave energy (which is what all wifi routers emit) however 1 watt ERP is almost nothing. With a $25 amateur radio license, magically the government seems to think that a person is capable of handling 200 times this output.

In some cases, off the shelf, highly effective antennas make a run of the mill router highly illegal. I don’t know about you, but I figure it would be nice if it was legal to have a router that could make it through two or three walls before becoming completely impotent.

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