Knowledgeglue business update

So, many people have been asking “What has KnowledgeGlue been doing, since the content isn’t being updated regularly.”

Well, not too long ago I bought a Laundromat in Chillicothe which I’ve been running.

I’m pretty excited overall with the prospect of owning my very own laundromat, especially since it’s so close to me just a county away in Chillicothe Ohio.

Although i’ve already had some difficulties with running my very own laundromat, i’m pretty excited about the future, along with setting up vending and whatnot at the location.

Police in Czech republic caught RED HANDED faking anti-immigrant beating

Recently, the Czech Media as well as various police departments have been reporting an increase in anti-immigrant violence by ‘right wing radicals’.

The problem is……well………those riots are being put on by the media with the help of the police.

Enter a very popular picture run on Czech TV, leftist blogs and even police websites showing photos of evil, right-wing fighters going after poor, downtrodden immigrants.

Popular photo shown in Czech media of anti-immigrant riots

Popular photo shown in Czech media of anti-immigrant riots

However, in short order after the police had released a version of a video showing beatings, another video by people involved in the “Riot” show a very different story.


Here’s the timeline and translation from Czech to English.

0:10 – Watch carefully.

0:25 – Note the man in brown jacket.


0:49 – Our Star Wars director in brown jacket.

0:57 – Need to look good, you see. Dress code, dude…

1:02 – And, let’s do it. Observe.

1:08 – The warmonger coordinates his troops.

1:20 – And here comes our Magnificent Seven, plus one extra.

1:25 – Orders are clear… (just like in the movie)

1:40 – Begin the operation, roger.

1:42 – …put it aside, so that nobody gets hurt!

2:05 – It’s gonna be a riot on TV! :-))

2:35 – Another police camera.

2:49 – …Karl, we’re still waiting for the signal from Czech Television director.

3:05 – Idiots and onlookers to provide background and ambient sound.

3:24 – Plainclothes policeman – coordinator.

3:42 – When the signal is given, a time-proven “opening” pavement stone comes flying (and as you can see, it is fake)

3:48 – Quickly put it away before someone notices it

3:54 – and the direct-to-TV Václav Havel movie may now begin.

4:02 – Here’s a clearly seen direction to attack.

4:10 – Everybody in place, police, media, fake fascists in their hoods of Slavia ultras

4:16 – It’s important to assume an aggressive stance. Photographers will be thankful. Like!

4:31 – A policeman.

4:39 – Funny and absurd. The most aggressive “fake fascists” (= policemen) are being confronted by other policemen in standard light uniforms, while armored riot units are deployed elsewhere just for show.

4:47 – A show of bravery worthy of the Golden Cross medal. Absurd.

4:45 – As you shall see now, even such proficient actors can make an error.

5:01 – Here’s the crazy sunshine guy with “revolutionary fist of the justice” on the left (from our video #1)

5:08 – as seen on our FB page

5:13 – Now’s the time for drama, just avoid hurting any employees of the state. :-)

5:20 – And here’s ČT24. The liars have arrived. (ČT24 = Czech Television news outlet)

5:51 – Mainstream media working their propaganda magic.

6:04 – End of the show, folks. According to the service regulations, our guys are entitled to take a break now. 😉

6:13 – He’s on the side of the heroes of Europe. Also known as fanatics. Future islamists, maybe?

6:23 – The Magnificent Seven. Sadly, the performance is sold out.

6:28 – Showing a pretty face is important for propaganda. 😉 We admit though, she’s quite a girl.

6:34 – And that’s how we live here. Happily ever after.

So, there you have it. Police and media generating fake news over riots in Europe. This is actually the second time in the past 2 weeks that the police have been caught fabricating news. The last time was in Sweden, saying that locals were going around attacking immigrants randomly. 


Hungarian politicians pass out pepper spray during parades so citizens can protect against migrants

Quick facts :


  • Jobbik (The local right-wing party that is quickly gaining momentum in Hungary) held an unspecified type of gathering in Vienna today
  • After the event, the leader of ‘Alfa Alliance’, a fundamental Christian looking organization arranged for pepper sprays to be distributed among passers by near Hauptbahnhof, Westbahnhof and the University of Vienna.
  • Dozen of cans were handed out, some people accepted it out of sheer surprise, some refused, many people were thankful of them.
  • Left-wing group ‘Gegen Rechts’ quickly arranged a counter-protest after, claiming racial intolerance.
  • In Germany and Austria, pepper spray is nearly sold out due to the rape epidemic

Novák Előd, a Jobbik party official




Source :



Homeless man fights kidnapper for woman’s life, dies in the process


This TV station was in Cathedral Square recording a program frame when the shooting started in front of the Cathedral.

Little additional information is known about the kidnapper or the victim(s). What is apparent is that the police opened fire once the female victim had cleared distance from the man. Both the kidnapper and homeless man died from wounds sustained by gunfire

Chinese People Liberation Army Troops Head to Korean Border as Tensions Mount

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PLA troops head to DPRK border as North-South tensions mount

  • Staff Reporter
  • 2015-08-23
  • 14:37 (GMT+8)
PLA tanks pass through Yanji near the China-North Korea border. (Internet photo)

PLA tanks pass through Yanji near the China-North Korea border. (Internet photo)

The People’s Liberation Army has sent troops to China’s border with North Korea as escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula have pushed North and South to the brink of possible war.

The Hong Kong-based Oriental Daily reported Saturday that internet users have been uploading photos of what appear to be PLA armored vehicles and tanks passing through the streets of Yanji, the seat of the Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture in eastern Jilin province. The city, considered a key transport and trade hub between China and the DPRK, is less than 30 kilometers from the 1,400-kilometer border.

The military deployment is believed to reflect how seriously Beijing considers the the current standoff between North and South Korea. Delegates from Pyongyang and Seoul have agreed to continue talks at 3 pm Sunday local time after the first high-level dialogue between the two sides in nearly a year was adjourned following a marathon 10-hour session.

The talks began around 6:30 pm on Saturday shortly after the passing of Pyongyang’s deadline for Seoul to cease broadcasting anti-DPRK propaganda across the demilitarized zone through loudspeakers. Pyongyang had declared that its frontline troops were prepared to go to war if Seoul did not back down and an unnamed official from South Korea’s defense ministry has reportedly said that his government will only discontinue the broadcasts if there is an acceptable outcome from the talks.

The loudspeaker broadcasts began from the South after a land mine attack — for which the South has blamed the North — injured two ROK soldiers. On Thursday, the South Korean military fired dozens of artillery rounds across the border in response to North Korean artillery strikes, in turn supposedly in response to the South’s broadcasts. As usual, Pyongyang has denied being behind both the land mine attack and the artillery strikes while keeping up its standard “sea of fire” rhetoric.

The standoff also comes amid annual military exercises between the US and South Korea, which the North claims is part of a preparation for invasion.

On Aug. 21, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that China is following “the situation of the Korean peninsula very closely and is deeply concerned about what has happened recently.”

“China staunchly safeguards regional peace and stability and opposes any action that may escalate tension. We urge relevant parties to remain calm and restrained, properly deal with the current situation through contact and dialogue, and stop doing anything that may make the tension even worse,” Hua said, adding that the Chinese side is “willing to work with relevant parties to jointly ensure peace and stability of the Korean peninsula.”

China’s Global Times tabloid has tried to downplay the risk of military conflict, stating in an editorial: “The South and North are not willing to start a full-scale war, and no one is instigating a war. As a result, the new round of friction may not be explosive and can be dissolved by previous experiences. After all, escalation will do no good to either side.”

The Korean Central News Agency, North Korea’s state news agency, has hit back at China’s calls for restraint, saying, “We have exercised our self-restraint for decades. Now no one’s talk about self-restraint is helpful to putting the situation under control.”

Another dramatic police chase in South Africa

Pretoria, SA – Video footage taken from a first person perspective during a high-speed police motorbike chase in Pretoria North has been uploaded onto Facebook.

Throughout the 3 minute video the viewer is given the experience of a policeman on a motorbike as sirens are heard and radio communication between ground teams signal.

At the end of the video the police surround the car they’re chasing by placing one cop car in front, one at the back, and one on either side, before the car in front slows down causing the culprits to slow down too and their cars tyres are blown out.

Intelligence Bureau SA uploaded this video footage to their Facebook page where the page’s community members have shown large support towards South Africa’s law enforcement.

Intelligence Buruea SA wrote, “Just another day for our Law enforcement members! For Joe soap this is nothing other than hectic!”

After watching the video Zoorah Buckas commented, “This makes me soooo sooo proud of our men in blue… and somewhat emotional too… you guys risk ur [sic] lives every day to keep us safe and still ur [sic] efforts go unnoticed by many…”

Faeez Fuz Mamdoo commented, “I take my hat off to those guys …putting their lives in danger to protect us…..I just wish the law and courts would appreciate them more by not letting those criminals back on the streets so easily …”

There was no additional information posted with the video but it is believed to have taken place in Zambezi Country Estate, north east of Pretoria.

Well, we are at the start of another week. The past few weeks I’ve been pretty good overall. Hopefully we will stop burning through cash reserves at the pace that we have the past couple months. We went over around $10,000 on the rehab a property 12 and likely will go a little over on property 13 thankfully, the business has been very strong. I’ve had a couple tenants come back late on my rent.

Last week we received a new Capital Brown from a brand new investor partner. I am really excited about the future with this investor as well as the infected will have on our existing business. Operations likely will only be able to slip two more properties through the end of the year. This is because the bank still difficult to work with. They are requesting two to three years of seasoning on our existing properties.

We are about through the year now and so far imagined. I had hoped by the halfway mark we would be up to 30 properties instead, we’re still at 18 properties the same number that we were at during March. With the offer I put in today and the extra property I am viewing tonight if we were able to purchase then they would take us up to a total of 12 part 3015 properties consisting of 21 units total almost halfway to our 2015 goal. 21 a 50 units of Michael. Cash flow from these new units looks to be very similar to where we are at now, the duplex will be quite interesting though. They are asking $50 for it with a total of nine hundred $35 and income. This is a little low compared to the current infested house however we may be able to get the rent up. Interestingly enough one of the tenants in there has been living for a 37 year exclamation.

I would like to raise the rent on this tenant a little bit so we can get closer to the $1100 mark. Locally by a very fair amount. I am seeing more and more two-bedroom units rent out for 600 to 700 dollars a month. This is significantly higher than our average two bedroom unit which sits right around $500 per month. It mean that when we have to replace tennis I expect a sizable increase in the amount of rent we collect. I am NOT one to raise rent significantly existing tenants.

If this, I do believe that by September we are looking at 35. I am looking at a quad plexx as well

Totally horrifying – Children burnt alive in South Africa (Extremely NSFW)

Don’t say we didn’t warn you , this is by far the most disturbing video that we’ve likely ever seen.

No western news source we’re aware of has picked up this story, so we truly believe that we are the first. The story goes (Full text at bottom of the blog post), that 5 young men (3 minors) crossed the boarder from Zimbabwe to South Africa to rob people. They ended up killing one man and were caught shortly after. Mob justice then took over and the 5 men were doused in kerosene, tied with ropes, then attached to tires set ablaze. The result was 3 of the men dying from injuries while 2 managed to live due to police intervention.

This all has to do with the entirely mind-blowing state of affairs in South Africa. We will be doing more article in the future about these topics, and the history of such civil conflicts abroad, however this video is posted with the intention of being a warning to people as to how brutal life truly is.


News source #1 – SABC News

A horrific case of mob justice played out at the Sondela Informal Settlement near Rustenburg, North West, over the weekend.

Five youths, alleged criminals, were set alight. A video too graphic to display shows five youth, three of them minors, tied with ropes and tyres placed around their necks.

During a public interrogation, they confessed to the murder of a man and were then doused with petrol and set alight. Police came to their rescue but three of them later succumbed to their injuries.

One is fighting for his life and the fifth remains in police custody. Two similar cases in Sondela are also being investigated by police.

Residents say they want more visible policing in the area and claim that criminals go unpunished, fuelling mob justice incidents.

The rising number of such incidents in the area has both police and residents worried.

News source #2 – Zimeye

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Major Thulani Zwane confirmed earlier that Chatsworth residents attacked foreign nationals staying in an informal settlement on Tuesday night, forcing them to evacuate.

“The community members also burnt a shack belonging to a foreigner. Chatsworth SAPS members assisted the victims and tried to move them to a place of safety but they refused stating that they are afraid to be deported,” Zwane said.

A 42-year-old man was injured during the attack.

In Sydenham, about 100 residents also attacked foreign nationals at an informal settlement.

“[Police] tried to assist the foreigners who were under attack and the community members began throwing stones at the police,” Zwane said.

“SAPS fired rubber bullets to disperse the unruly crowd. One unidentified foreign national was injured and taken to hospital for medical treatment. The community members were demanding all foreigners to evacuate the informal settlement. The police managed to contain the situation.”

Homeowner shoots machete wielding home invader

Twain N Thomas was attempting to kill his neighbors via machette on January 15th, 2015.

He however did not expect his neighbors to be armed. Rather than managing to kill his neighbors, his neighbor shot him 3 times with a 45 caliber handgun.

TURN UP YOUR VOLUME to hear the conversation before, during and after the shooting.


News report on incident : Twain N. Thomas, 54, is charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of burglary.

Thomas was released from Portneuf Medical Center and arrested on the charges Sunday. He was being held in the Bannock County jail.

According to Pocatello Police, Thomas entered an upstairs apartment with two people in it and threatened the residents with a machete early in the morning of February 22. After leaving that apartment, Thomas then entered another downstairs apartment, also with two people in it, and made similar threats.

Thomas, who also lived in the apartment complex in the 200 block of Garfield, was shot in the torso by one of the residents living in the downstairs apartment.