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Question #13: How would you rate the Rose Bowl – #2 Oregon vs. #3 Florida State in terms of excitement?

1 being “Least exciting” to 5 being “Most exciting”

CFP #13


With the game being a blowout, voters ranked the game out 3.32 out of 5.00, being the least exciting game of the College Football Playoffs. As expected, Oregon Duck fans rated the game the highest (4.27 with 222 fans voting), while Baylor fans were sour about the entire contest, voting it even lower than Florida State fans (2.57 and 3.06 respectively).

Question #14: How would you rate the Sugar Bowl – #1 Alabama vs. #4 Ohio State in terms of excitement?

1 being “Least exciting” to 5 being “Most exciting”

CFP #14

It was no surprise that the closest game of the inagural CFP era was also the most exciting, as Ohio State upset the #1 team in the nation, Alabama, by a score of 42-35. Users rated the game a 4.55 out of 5.00, being arguably the highest metric we saw of anything scored from 1 to 5. As expected, Ohio State fans rated the game the highest (4.80 out of 5.00), while Alabama fans rated it at a still-respectable 4.46.


Question #15: How would you rate the National Championship – #2 Oregon vs. #4 Ohio State in terms of excitement?

1 being “Least exciting” to 5 being “Most exciting”

CFP #15


Although Ohio State eventually ran away with the game, winning 42-20, the title game still ranked a 3.95 out of 5.00, being directly rated in between both semi-final playoff games. As expected, Ohio State fans viewed the game with favoritism, rating the game a 4.58 out of 5.00, while Oregon fans were less enthusiastic, with a 3.64 rating of the match-up. Despite the lopsided outcome, Florida State fans were still unhappy with the game, rating it a 3.56 out of 5.00. Most other CFP fanbases that were not in the playoffs rated the game less favorably than those without a team near playoff eligibility (fans of “Other Teams” rated the game a 3.84 out of 5.00), with Baylor fans rating it the lowest at 2.57, and Alabama fans rating it as a 3.36, while TCU fans rated it a 3.52.


Question #16: Were You a Fan of a Particular Team Coming Into The Playoffs?

  • Other Team (One not in the CFP Top-8): 1,317 Votes (51.4%)
  • Ohio State Buckeyes: 643 Votes (25.1%)
  • Oregon Ducks: 223 Votes (8.7%)
  • Alabama Crimson Tide: 118 Votes (4.6%)
  • Michigan State Spartans: 88 Votes (3.4%)
  • Florida State Seminoles: 79 Votes (3.1%)
  • Baylor Bears: 51 Votes (2.0%)
  • Texas Christian University Horned Frogs: 44 Votes (1.7%)


The poll is quite Buckeye heavy, as their fanbase had more fans than essentially all other playoff teams combined. However, there is no way to confirm or prove voter biases in this metric, as fans of losing fanbases may have simply chosen not to vote, or voted for “Other”. Additionally, this poll question was only added in later, so some votes (approximately 100) may be missing.



Final Thoughts

Although the playoffs had some controversy, the voting (assuming its a sample of the general football world) was extremely positive towards the playoffs. Despite two of the three games being resolved in double digits, fans still seem to be enthusiastic about the future of more playoffs and playoff games. However, it will be interesting to see how fans view the playoffs in 5-6 years concerning the 4-team format, as there are already large numbers of fans that want to increase the number to 6, 8, or beyond. The initial contract for the playoffs is 10 years, and the committee seems to not want to budge on the initial format. Time will tell if the 4-team format is viewed as poorly as the former BCS system in a few years, or will be shown to be the preferred format once more playoffs are completed, or is simply the inaugural format of what will eventually expand to more teams.

Ohio State fans were certainly the most elated of any fanbase, having been able to pull the coup off against #1 ranked Alabama, and did it again just a few days later against the Oregon Ducks who, in turn, decimated Florida State in the semi-final game.

I am excited to run this same poll in a year to compare results of the 2nd annual College Football Playoffs.


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