The Hidden Holocaust : 12.7 Million Christians Murdered By The USSR

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220px-Choeungek2If you were to ask the average person in the United States what the holocaust was, they would likely be able to explain to you at least a basic premise. That millions of Jews were killed in a genocidal rampage by Nazi Germany and their allies during WW2.

Now, if you were to ask the same group of people which was the greater religious genocide in terms of death : Those killed by Nazi Germany, or those killed by the USSR, they would state to you the vast majority of time that the Nazis were the leaders. Because of this thought, many believe to this day that Christians, being the majority of the US, and the world for that matter have not endured any sort of persecution. In fact, I have been told dozens of times, maybe hundreds of times that since I am a Christian, I will never know what it is like to endure hardships based solely on my religion of choice.

These kinds of statements are somewhat understandable, given that here in the US we’re blessed with religious freedom and have known little to no persecution in our lifetimes. However this is not the case outside of the United States and the Western World. Today many of Christians are routinely killed for their beliefs, however many don’t realize that during the 20th century, Christians were killed en-mass by Atheistled regimes.

Here’s a chart to put the Christian genocide of the Soviet Union in perspective:



There are various sources of data on the number of people killed. In this case I’ve tried to use generally accepted numbers as the enormity of these events is almost impossible to comprehend, or even estimate. So, let me be clear, these are ESTIMATES of death tolls, the actual number of those killed could be higher or lower, so averages are used.

So, has there been a great conspiracy to cover up the massive number of Christians killed by the USSR? I personally do not believe so, simply out of the fact that the Soviet government was extraordinarily careful as to not allow outside groups to perform research on many things their communist government has done. Even up until the 1990s very little was known outside of Russia and the USSR about the hardships the country faced during World War 2 and the massive numbers of civilians & military personnel lost to the war.

However the simple fact stands : More Christians were killed in the Soviet USSR than Nazi Germany.

Today, many people will belittle Christians who state that persecution simply does not exist. Some even make the statement that if a Christian makes any statements about persecution, that they are in the wrong and that other religions, especially Jews have suffered continually seemingly worse fates around the world, usually at the hands of so-called “Christian” governments.

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