Hungarian politicians pass out pepper spray during parades so citizens can protect against migrants

Quick facts :


  • Jobbik (The local right-wing party that is quickly gaining momentum in Hungary) held an unspecified type of gathering in Vienna today
  • After the event, the leader of ‘Alfa Alliance’, a fundamental Christian looking organization arranged for pepper sprays to be distributed among passers by near Hauptbahnhof, Westbahnhof and the University of Vienna.
  • Dozen of cans were handed out, some people accepted it out of sheer surprise, some refused, many people were thankful of them.
  • Left-wing group ‘Gegen Rechts’ quickly arranged a counter-protest after, claiming racial intolerance.
  • In Germany and Austria, pepper spray is nearly sold out due to the rape epidemic

Novák Előd, a Jobbik party official




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