Innovative cattle farmer feeds 4,000+ pounds of beef from a space the size of a closet

Recently I came across the journal of a farmer who made a pretty amazing claim. He said that he could grow more than enough food for his 4 beef cattle in just the size of a large bedroom closet.

At first, I didn’t believe it was physically possible, but then I saw the pictures and was completely blown away. Not only was he growing enough food to support more than 4,000 pounds of cattle, he also was producing surplus food for other livestock. His unique method has cut his food cost to raise cattle by a staggering 60% to 90% once all costs are accounted. He might not say it, but what he’s doing could be nothing short of revolutionary.

The whole system he’s built to feed his cattle is much more simple than you think. So shockingly simple that most people might be able to get most of it up and running after a trip to the hardware store.

Vertical farming for beef production

The secret is in something called “Vertical farming”. Recently, Japan has made headlines stating that they could feed a city of millions of people by vertical farming in a retrofitted skyscraper. Vertical farming is somewhat similar to aqua-phonic farming, however it is much more dense. Literally thousands of plants can be contained in a small room simply because you’re stacking multiple layers of plants on top of each other.

Each tray may not look like much, but they contain vitamin-rich, extremely calorie dense barley sprouts. Barley sprouts contain an amazing amount of energy and calories that not only help cattle gain weight, but is also said to produce the best tasting beef in the world (At least according to Canada).

The beef is then cut, and fed to cattle like grain or grass normally would be.

The beef is then cut, and fed to cattle like grain or grass normally would be.

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