Mass shooting stopped by concealed carry permit holder

Here’s a story┬áthat won’t be run 24/7 by the news media for the next week.

Just July 27th in Cincinnati, a crazed gunman fired at several people in a urban area including a 1 year old infant. Instead of being met with fleeing individuals, he was met with the bullets from a CCW permit holder who intervened in the situation.

During the shootout, the shooter (Thomas McCary) ran out of ammunition and fled to his residence in the area. He retrieved several more guns and began firing wildly at more people. To this second round of firing, the CCW permit holder (Patrick Ewing) fired at the shooter again, likely preventing more bloodshed in the process. Eventually Thomas McCary, the shooter having been wounded, gave up and fled to the local hospital where he was arrested by police. He now is charged with 4 felonious counts.


The shooter

The shooter

This represents a great case against anti-gun sentiment, along with the liberal slogan that ‘Guns never save lives’, because in this case a good guy with a gun stopped a mass shooting.

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