Media ignores facts on another shooting

11982762-largeIt was national news but for a short while.

The ATF has finally released a report detailing the source of the Keltec 9mm firearm used to kill

Was it from a gun store not doing background checks the right way? Maybe a gun show through that pesky loophole they all talk about? Maybe some well-meaning family member transferring it?

Nope, it was stolen in 2011 during a burglary which resulted in a total of 4 missing guns.

Once again , here is yet another shooting where the law was broken to obtain a firearm used to commit a murder that made national headlines. We can add this to the list of recent high-profile shootings where the firearm was obtained in a illegal manner. In the case of Sandy Hook, Klackamas mall shooting and the NY firemen ambush, all firearms were procured by highly illegal means.