Mexican drug cartels are making their own guns

Ever hear the saying “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”?

I know I have, the bumper stickers were everywhere in the early 90s. Granted the saying still comes up once in a while, but here’s a great story to remind us of that term.

Recently, a clandestine firearm manufacturing factory has been discovered and dismantled in Michoacán, Mexico. The shop was run by the Cartel Jalisco New Generation which is a major drug cartel.

Unlike the government utopia people like to believe, these guns were NOT crude knockoffs. Rather they were sophisticated fully automatic rifle using military spec components and tolerances. Who would have EVER believed that a drug cartel with millions of dollars could employ engineers to run computer controlled equipment to manufacture firearms that are around 40 years old?


gun mfg narco

This is absolute further proof that the liberal utopian mindset that government intervention can make easily constructed firearms illegal. This is doubly impossible in an age where technology makes home manufacturing devices like CnC machines, 3d printers and plastic injection affordable for everyone. Of course, in their mindset it might make sense to make these manufacturing devices illegal which will obviously stifle innovation. Although, who really cares when the government is involved, right?