PETA’s greatest hits


I don’t know about you, but PETA has no love lost with me.

However when I stumbled upon a article today on a mostly left-leaning website I couldn’t believe the absolute horror stories that users were submitting about the terrible acts commited by PETA members.

So, if you ever want to send someone some moon-battedness information, send them here.

Lost Kitty

This actually happened to my cat last year. The nutty PETA woman in the neighborhood would complain whenever we were sitting outside that our cat is too old (14) and that she demanded he be either put down or inside during the day. We live in southern California, and the weather was beautiful at the time. Our cat loved being under an umbrella and hanging out outside with a blanket for him to lie down. Every night we always brought him in. One day we come outside, and appeared a giant cat castle with a note threatening to keep him inside or else. We knew where she lived, and returned the cat castle. A week later, the cat disappeared, and rumor has it that she picked up a few cats in the neighborhood and had them all euthanised. I’ll be in disgust and in mourning for the rest of my life. – User thisisdjjjjjjjjjj

The Service Dog

Some lady FLIPPED OUT at me at the grocery store recently using that same term “servitude”. I have multiple disabilities as well as seizures after a brain injury and have to use a service dog to help me get around.
Like this lady was relentless, calling my dog a slave and I told her that he loves to work, he hates to be left home. I even offered to show her that his special mobility/guide harness wasn’t as heavy as it looked. She wouldn’t leave us alone!! She actually tried to grab the handle from me despite the “do not separate dog from handlers” in huge, red letters as a patch on the handle. Well my dog is not friendly to strangers, and is very, very serious in his attitude. He also very protective of me after I was threatened and attempted robbed by a guy brandishing a golf club in a park. She grabbed for the handle and he let out a growl I could feel through his body into my leg. She stepped back but kept yelling, as soon as she raised her hands(like in a exasperated/plantive way) saying I would never understand how cruel his servitude was my guy made an alert bark, and kept it up. Raised arms at me is one of his triggers to get help with the special alert bark(it sounds different than his sh*tting around just being a dog bark). I used to work at the store in accounting and they know me and my dog from the time he was a puppy in training with me. Some of my old friends who still worked there came rushing forward and the lady was told to leave the store.
I would be helpless without my dog and he comes from working lines. He likes working or he just plain wouldn’t. He was the only 2 out of 9 in his litter to make the cut because they wanted to work. He was people focused and could detect seizures so he became service dog. (his sister a became Border police sniffing dog.) There’s been days he’s in a bad mood or not feeling well and doesn’t want to work, and, well, he just doesn’t do his job very well. I can tell. He’ll let me walk into puddles or lamp posts, wont pick up things I drop or help with my coat, and is just over all pissy. But that’s like 1% of the time.
I was really upset, REALLY upset. I would be helpless without my service dog. I take being a service dog handler and the responsibilities of having my dog in public very seriously. Making me feel like I was abusing him some how really felt like sh*t. [I know it’s no where near as awful as a pet being murdered(I’m not trying to say it is, and my heart just goes out to anyone who lost their pet this way!!)]; but anyone who thinks they are ‘helping’ with this ‘servitude’ attitude are wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Dedicating their life to raising funds for spay and neuter of low income pets, or to make spay and neuter outside of registered kennels/catteries mandatory would be a much better use of their time. Pets who are cared for and loved are just such an enrichment to life, that’s a wonderful, special thing humans can experience to love an animal. The real tragedy is the unwanted and abused pets who are abandoned and destroyed each year. User IlexFurry


This sort of thing boils my blood. PETA were our biggest enemy in New Orleans after Katrina hit. I spent months in that city watching it go from absolute chaos to a ghost town and finally to life restored. It was an incredible and dynamic thing to watch, but beyond the looters, curfew breakers, and rogue Police returning in stolen Cadillacs to try to steal equipment to sell online, the group that drove me to a rage much more readily were the PETA activists. The military had a uniform marking system for clearing homes after the storm. It was a huge Spray-painted ‘X’ with a circle around it. You’d spray information in the four triangle shaped quadrant spaces of the X. Date/Time group in the North of the X, Unit designation to the East, Human dead in the South, Animal dead in the West. Simple. Just numbers. Somehow the PETA people broke our code, and they started following us, about a mile or two back, and when they’d see a house with an Animal dead count, they’d either enter to check it out, or just assume I suppose, and would proceed to completely vandalize the home with their own markings. Half the time they’d be spray painting OVER TOP of our markers, which ensuing units, haz-mat crews, and recovery teams NEEDED for information. They’d leave these messages in stark red paint all over whole sides of the house, ‘YOU MURDERED YOUR DOG!’ or ‘ANIMAL KILLER!’ Meanwhile, many animals themselves were roving the streets of the lower wards in make-shift packs, feeding on whatever they could find; sometimes drowned bodies. We’d make trips NorthEast about 45 minutes away to an open grocery store and buy tons of bags of animal food, and just split it open on dry street corners as we passed in our HMMWVs. The PETA people didn’t even do that! They just walked around vandalizing people’s already destroyed homes. THEN, when we’d CATCH THEM, they’d have the tenacity to demand food and water from us, claiming they were part of the ‘clean-up’ effort. I was usually hanging out the rear passenger side of the truck. We’d take the doors off. We’d intentionally clear about 8 blocks, wait, turn around and double-back to catch them. I’d confiscate their paint and took great delight in ‘handing them’ some water, at a high rate of speed, right at their faces. As if these families haven’t lost enough… and here you are with this world view that you’re hell bent on viciously forcing down other people’s throats. Imagine having to make that choice for a family? The Coast Guard weren’t taking animals in their baskets. Room for people only. Imagine leaving your pet on that rooftop. Many people didn’t you know. The Coast Guard actually CHANGED their rule book to allow space for domestic animals in recovery efforts, because so many people chose to remain and die with their pets. Then these people, these small petty people come down there and disrupt our operation to recover that city from complete destruction, AND sap our resources of food and water while on their wild crusade… I like to think I’m as accepting and empathetic as I can possibly be, but I have no love for those type of people. Terrible story. – User makinmywaydowntown

Frat Dog

A few of them came by and tried to steal our fraternity dog.
That dog is treated like f*cking royalty. Anyways a few roided up brothers of ours caught then and sent them all to the ER. We almost had to deal with a lawsuit from the parents but luckily we have castle defense laws in our state.
So we found out when those f*ckers met. They go to this coffee shop right next to campus we come in looking like we belong in a country club. We see them by the ones that our bbrothers beat senseless. we walk over to the group surrounded them and just stared at em.
F*ck them all, we jumped a few more just so they’d get the message. -User cipahs

I’ll take care of your cat

Something like this happened to me once as a kid. Had a cat that got it’s head stuck in our fence. I spent forever trying to get it out, and ended up having to borrow my stepdads power tools and removing that section of the fence to free it.
Got it out and I was so happy. Gave it a bath, held it, fed it, named it Simba, etc. I was about 8 at the time and the cat was still a kitten itself, but I liked being around it and it seemed to like being around me for the three days I had it.
Now when I was getting the cat out the fence originally, some guy tried helping me out for a bit. One of our neighbors who did stuff with the local shelter(peta run or peta sponsored or something along those lines. No longer operational).
Then he came back to check on the cat and said he could get it it’s shots and stuff for free at the place he volunteered at.
I go there one afternoon with my mom, hand him it, leave, and he has it euthanized.
Then we get back there and he’s like “Yeah sorry. Guess you’ll just have to adopt one of our other cats. Don’t worry it’s free and all their shots are up to date!”
He seemed almost happy about it.
We couldn’t do anything about it.
I haven’t had a cat since then, but I do have fun with the local strays. – User tlh053

40+ Felonies

About 10 years ago in my home town, two PETA lunatics got arrested and charged with 40+ felonies. I lived in a rural area in northeastern NC abd these two would come down from Virginia and drive around to animal shelters and vets offices to pick up cats and dogs, saying they were going to find homes for them. Then they would kill them in their van and dump them in the dumpster behind the grocery store. Over the course of about a month they dumped like 40 dogs and 20 cats.
here’s a local news story, sorry about the survey ad thing.
Another news story about how it ended up. They got off on all animal abuse charges abd were convicted of littering. 10 day suspended sentence, 12 months probation, and community service. – user -ChowanChillin-

Siberian_Husky_phoAngora Rabbits

A friend of mine told me once about a guy who lived next door to her uncle, he kept angora rabbits and used their fur to make yarn to sell to people in the community. You shear angora rabbits like you do sheep, you don’t skin them, but apparently some PETA freaks found out that he was making angora yarn from his rabbits and being ignorant f*cks, thought that he was skinning them and using their fur that way.
So they got onto his property and broke into his rabbit hutch and poisoned the rabbits, leaving a note that basically said that the rabbits were better off dead than being used so cruelly. This is PETA’s general stance towards livestock and even pets, they are actually against own pets. They think they should all be wild and free and happy, like nature is cute and cuddly or something.
The authorities did wind up catching the whackos and he took them to court but of course it was just charges of trespassing and property damage since animals are just considered property. Never mind that the guy was retired and a widower and treated those rabbits like they were his children. -User Eponia

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