Police in Czech republic caught RED HANDED faking anti-immigrant beating

Recently, the Czech Media as well as various police departments have been reporting an increase in anti-immigrant violence by ‘right wing radicals’.

The problem is……well………those riots are being put on by the media with the help of the police.

Enter a very popular picture run on Czech TV, leftist blogs and even police websites showing photos of evil, right-wing fighters going after poor, downtrodden immigrants.

Popular photo shown in Czech media of anti-immigrant riots

Popular photo shown in Czech media of anti-immigrant riots

However, in short order after the police had released a version of a video showing beatings, another video by people involved in the “Riot” show a very different story.


Here’s the timeline and translation from Czech to English.

0:10 – Watch carefully.

0:25 – Note the man in brown jacket.


0:49 – Our Star Wars director in brown jacket.

0:57 – Need to look good, you see. Dress code, dude…

1:02 – And, let’s do it. Observe.

1:08 – The warmonger coordinates his troops.

1:20 – And here comes our Magnificent Seven, plus one extra.

1:25 – Orders are clear… (just like in the movie)

1:40 – Begin the operation, roger.

1:42 – …put it aside, so that nobody gets hurt!

2:05 – It’s gonna be a riot on TV! :-))

2:35 – Another police camera.

2:49 – …Karl, we’re still waiting for the signal from Czech Television director.

3:05 – Idiots and onlookers to provide background and ambient sound.

3:24 – Plainclothes policeman – coordinator.

3:42 – When the signal is given, a time-proven “opening” pavement stone comes flying (and as you can see, it is fake)

3:48 – Quickly put it away before someone notices it

3:54 – and the direct-to-TV Václav Havel movie may now begin.

4:02 – Here’s a clearly seen direction to attack.

4:10 – Everybody in place, police, media, fake fascists in their hoods of Slavia ultras

4:16 – It’s important to assume an aggressive stance. Photographers will be thankful. Like!

4:31 – A policeman.

4:39 – Funny and absurd. The most aggressive “fake fascists” (= policemen) are being confronted by other policemen in standard light uniforms, while armored riot units are deployed elsewhere just for show.

4:47 – A show of bravery worthy of the Golden Cross medal. Absurd.

4:45 – As you shall see now, even such proficient actors can make an error.

5:01 – Here’s the crazy sunshine guy with “revolutionary fist of the justice” on the left (from our video #1)

5:08 – as seen on our FB page

5:13 – Now’s the time for drama, just avoid hurting any employees of the state. :-)

5:20 – And here’s ČT24. The liars have arrived. (ČT24 = Czech Television news outlet)

5:51 – Mainstream media working their propaganda magic.

6:04 – End of the show, folks. According to the service regulations, our guys are entitled to take a break now. 😉

6:13 – He’s on the side of the heroes of Europe. Also known as fanatics. Future islamists, maybe?

6:23 – The Magnificent Seven. Sadly, the performance is sold out.

6:28 – Showing a pretty face is important for propaganda. 😉 We admit though, she’s quite a girl.

6:34 – And that’s how we live here. Happily ever after.

So, there you have it. Police and media generating fake news over riots in Europe. This is actually the second time in the past 2 weeks that the police have been caught fabricating news. The last time was in Sweden, saying that locals were going around attacking immigrants randomly.