What are the most popular calibers in the US?

After exhaustive research and compiling sales data from tens of thousands of firearm sales over the  course of a month, we have compiled what we feel is a relatively accurate list of the most popular firearm calibers.

Our methodology is that by tracking firearm sales & calibers, we can compile a top list of what parts to buy, components to stock and to overall help gun owners understand ammunition and demands in the marketplace. Interestingly enough our data follows Lucky Gunner’s 2013 ammunition sales data closely. The primary difference being that we not only tracked the top 10 calibers, but the top 100 firearm calibers (Limited to the top 91 due to accuracy). On the next page we also show what firearms are most popular in what states along with most popular calibers by state.



Overall , this list of the top 20 calibers shouldn’t surprise you. Ultimately 38 Special/357 magnum if combined would actually make its way up to #7 and push 7.62×39 even further down the list, shockingly enough. We did not chose to combine these numbers, however did combine commercial 223 ammo with its 5.56 NATO counterpart, which more or less was split 2/3rds between 223 and 1/3rd for 5.56 NATO.

Now, for all you data-centric types, here is the entire list of all 91 tracked calibers. Be sure to check the next page for top gun manufacturers per state along with calibers.


Next Page – Top manufacturers and Calibers by state