What are the top firearm calibers and manufacturers by state?

In this dataset, we utilize the same data from the previous search and sort by state and also include manufacturer data. As a note ,we felt that the data for North & South Dakota was insufficient.

Top calibers by state


The individual state data closely mimics the previous page’s data. One omission to include here that is uncorrected is that West Virginia’s top caliber is actually 45 ACP, not 9mm as shown. This is correctly reflected in the below chart that breaks down the top FIVE calibers by state.


One interesting thing to note is the very minor variation of calibers by state – Nearly all states have 9mm, 223/5.56, 12ga, 22lr and 45acp sharing the top 5 spots, very few states vary from this although there certainly are exceptions. One of the more shocking notes (At least to us) was the lack of states having 40 S&W in the top spot, although certainly some states it does break the top 5.


Manufacturer data closely follows the caliber data with handgun manufacturers claiming the lion’s share of manufacturers by state. A interesting lack of data was available for top AR companies, as the manufactures are so varied, no AR manufacturers¬†broke the top 5 other than Colt and PSA.

Top firearm companies by state

Now for the breakdown on a per-state basis with the top 5 companies per state. There is MUCH more of a variation in top 5 firearm manufacturers than there is top 5 calibers.


On a further revision we will compile data for the top AR & AK manufacturers and include a new dataset.

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